Upcoming events at the National STEM Centre, York.

There are some great opportunities for maths teachers in the coming months at the National STEM Centre in York

Using manipulatives to enhance understanding in secondary mathematics This two day course is designed to encourage active learning in secondary mathematics lessons with the use of manipulatives or “objects to think with”. Explore the amazing world of interlocking cubes, discover hundred and one things to do with dice and dominos and gain insights into teaching using geoboards, bar modelling and proof by origami.  Participants will develop methods for using manipulatives to enhance mathematical understanding and communication.

Mathematics in the early years This two day residential course will explore how children learn within mathematics and develop mastery in number. This highly practical activity will look at developing mathematics within the context of play and real life experiences. It will centre on developing mathematics focused continuous provision, child-led and adult-led activities, and build on your appreciation of how children develop early mathematics understanding.

Teaching mathematics GCSE content with understanding This two day residential course will explore the content of the mathematics GCSE and gain an understanding of the importance of mathematical reasoning and problem solving. Develop problem solving skills and resilience in the context of hard to teach GCSE topics. Topics covered include trigonometry, linear graphs, proportional reasoning, standard form and powers, frequency trees, Venn diagrams, equation of circles, turning points, iterative processes, quadratic sequences, vectors and proof.

Mastering mathematics at key stage 3 This four day residential course will explore what is meant by mastery, and consider the transition from primary to secondary school, and the mapping of progression through key stage three. Develop techniques to improve problem solving skills and resilience in the context of hard to teach topics encountered in key stage three.

This is just a selection of the quality CPD available through the National STEM Centre in York, made affordable through a range of ENTHUSE financial bursaries.

Visit www.stem.org.uk/cpd for a full list of upcoming CPD.

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