For Secondary Schools & Post 16

Beginning to Understand Teaching for Mastery - Secondary

Beginning to Understand Teaching for Mastery is a programme for Secondary Schools  which will prepare teachers to understand the principles behind a mastery curriculum and how to plan and deliver lessons for depth and breadth of understanding in mathematics.

Participants will attend 4 full day sessions to introduce and explore the 5 big ideas and principles behind Teaching for Mastery. They will see where Teaching for Mastery has come from and the strengths behind the approach. The Work Groups will consider different material and resources created with Mastery in mind which they can deliver in their own context, and evaluate the success of this. The Work Group will also work on collaboratively planning their own resources and also planning their own lessons using a mastery approach.

Participants will be encouraged to share what they are doing with others in their department to have impact on the practice of others.

Dates & Venue:

• 13th February: Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy, York
• 23rd March: Lesson Observation – Venue TBC
• 10th June: Robert Wilkinson Primary Academy, York

Final Date TBC

All sessions will run from 9:00 – 16:00

Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

To book a place, please visit:


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