For Secondary Schools

Challenging topics in the new GCSE

This national project across the Maths Hubs Network, aims to gather evidence from teachers’ early experiences with the new maths GCSE, with particular emphasis on how a new mix of challenging topics (for students and teachers) has emerged. Informed by this experience, the project will develop new, or re-shaped, teaching approaches that match the new challenges and that, once embedded, will help students succeed, at both Higher and Foundation level.

What is involved?

  • The Work Group will meet half-termly throughout the year.
  • Participants will agree to focus on one (or more) challenging topics
  • Work Groups will develop and share teaching activities and approaches designed to have immediate impact with KS4 students
  • Work Groups will also develop and share teaching activities for KS3 students which better prepare them for the chosen topic
  • Participants will evaluate the success of the activities and approaches
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