For Primary Schools

Demonstrating learning at greater depth


This project aims to clarify participants understanding of what ‘Greater Depth’ looks like in primary maths lessons. Teachers will work collaboratively to design activities which give pupils greater opportunity to work deeply and even deeper.

Participants will:

  • Reflect and review on their current practice surrounding this aspect of Teaching for Mastery
  • Plan opportunities for challenge through the design of greater depth questions
  • Be able to demonstrate reflection and change of ethos to ‘meeting the needs of all learners’
  • Consider how evidence of Greater Depth can be collected/presented and design journaling activities

The project is aimed at schools which have previously been involved in Maths Hub TRGs and other mastery training.

Ideally two teachers from each school will take part, one of which will be the maths lead and in a position to influence practise in their own school and across several classes.

Sessions will run at Kingswood Parks Primary School,
Hull on the following dates:
• 14th February 9am – 4pm  ** Fully Booked**
• 1st April 1 – 4 pm  ** Fully Booked**
• 11th June 1 – 4 pm  ** Fully Booked**
All training is delivered free of charge.

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