For Secondary Schools & Post 16

Developing Enrichment Strategies KS3/KS4

We are delighted to offer the opportunity for teachers of Mathematics in the region to take part in this exciting initiative.

In order to increase participation rates of students studying mathematics post 16, students and parents need to be convinced that this both beneficial and achievable. The process of informing students and parents of the different pathways post 16 needs to start as early as possible.

Through participation in this project, teachers will develop a range of enrichment activities, accessible to KS3 and KS4 students, in which the mathematical content is beyond the scope of GCSE.

Participants will:

• Develop and trial resources based upon mathematical concepts which lie beyond the KS3/KS4

• Develop and trial resources designed to teach mathematical concepts and processes through contextualised problem solving.

• Develop strategies for implementing the use of these resources within the current curriculum and/or as enrichment activities to be delivered through extra-curricular activities.

• Work collaboratively with colleagues from other institutions within the Work Group and beyond if applicable.

The first Work Group session will take place on Thursday 21st November at the National STEM Learning Centre in York, 13:30 – 16:30.

At this initial meeting, the dates and content of sessions will be finalised. This is your opportunity to tailor what sessions are delivered, where and when.

All training is delivered free of charge.

To book a place please visit:

KS3/KS4 Enrichment Strategies



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