For Secondary Schools & Post 16

Mathematical Thinking

Are you looking to meet the challenge of teaching the new GCSE?

This exciting Work Group aims to address the reasoning and problem solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE.

Participants will have the opportunity to investigate what ‘mathematical thinking’ is and how you can spot it in the classroom.

Sessions will draw on the latest research and will involve professional development activities focusing on practical and accessible classroom-based approaches.

Participants will be encouraged to reflect upon, challenge and develop their practice as well as developing the practice of others.

Full day workshops will be led by Sarah Chamings (Learning Improvement Consultant, Leeds City Council) and will be held at Harrogate Grammar School on:

  • 6th March
  • 24th April
  • 26th June

Participants will be expected to complete tasks in their schools between workshops.

To book a place please visit:


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