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Post 16 Maths: Core Maths

A number of schools in Yorkshire & Humberside have adopted the Core Maths qualification. Core Maths is for students who want to keep up their valuable maths skills but are not planning to take AS or A-level mathematics. At the end of the two-year course, they will come out with a level 3 qualification with UCAS point equivalent to an AS. The qualification is assessed by final examination and some courses also offer the option of submitting a portfolio of coursework.

We have set up a workgroup to support schools interested in delivering Core Maths for the first time. The group will produce a ‘starter pack’ offering information, help, advice and possibly some exemplar resources. This information will be available in hard copy and digitally accessed via the website. It is envisaged that a series of twilight events be held to promote the existence and use of the pack once produced. The plan for year two is to support those schools adopting Core Maths for the first time.



The Core Maths Support Programme website: helping schools and colleges to implement and promote Core Maths Document: website

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