For both Primary & Secondary Schools

Recruiting teachers

This workgroup hopes to go some way to address the problem of the shortfall in recruitment of maths teachers in a number of ways.

We have put together a programme for KS5 students, to support teaching of maths throughout the whole school. This will involve them supporting other students with their maths development, elements of presentation/explanation and also assessment. This programme aims to:

  • Develop confidence
  • Supporting the learning of others
  • Challenge/engage
  • Provide teaching experience
  • Attract KS5 students to maths teaching as a career

In addition to targeting KS5 students, we are also arranging to meet undergraduates in maths and other related subjects to promote maths teaching as a career. We are focussing on Leeds, York and Hull Universities.If you would like us to present to your undergraduates, please get in touch.

Representatives from the Maths Hub and the Red Kite SCITT have recently attended graduate recruitment fairs, with the aim of specifically targeting undergraduates in maths.

We are also delighted to be working as a Regional Centre for the DfE ‘Future Teaching Scholars’ programme, which is a new and exciting route into teaching┬ádesigned for exceptional students who plan to study a Maths at university.

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