For Primary Schools

Singapore style textbooks and CPD

In the first two years of the Maths Hubs programme, teachers in schools in every Maths Hub area took part in a trial, using adapted versions of textbooks currently used in Singapore. The schools chose between two texts: Inspire Maths, adapted by Oxford University Press; and Maths – No Problem, adapted by the publishers Maths No Problem. This year we are working with Braeburn Primary & Nursery School in Scarborough, who are trialing the Maths – No Problem textbooks for the second year running.

From 2016-2017 onwards,  there will be a second focus, whereby six schools in every Maths Hub area will receive financial support to  trial the use of textbooks that are consistent with a teaching for mastery approach. They will do this as part of projects, led by local Mastery Specialists.

For further background, read this end of year (summer 2015) report from primary schools participating in the first two terms of the textbook project.

Textbook project evaluation