For both Primary & Secondary Schools

Subject knowledge and skills for teaching assistants

Held at Harrogate Grammar School, this 3 day training
programme is designed for teaching assistants working in
schools which have already been part of a teacher research
group (TRG) or whose subject leader has attended the 4 day
Maths Subject Leader course, and whose schools are already
committed to a teaching for mastery approach. It is also
anticipated that participants will take responsibility for sharing
their knowledge and expertise back in school.

Outline of the Programme:
• Introduction to mastery; the features of mastery pedagogy.
• Explore and evaluate outcomes of research into effective practice for teaching assistants.
• Growth mindsets and a positive climate for learning.
• Developing talk and mathematical language
• Practical resources to support deep learning
• Progression in calculations and fractions
• Teaching for fluency

Outcomes of the Programme:
• Enhance their subject knowledge
• Gain an understanding of the recommended methods for teaching for mastery to support all children
• Explore and develop pedagogy and resources

Dates :

Training will be held from 9.15 – 14.30 at Harrogate Grammar School on :-

  • 4th October
  • 8th November
  • 6th December

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