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Teaching for Mastery in mixed age classes: KS2

This project will begin with a 2 day course that will explore how to achieve mastery in KS2 mixed age classes.

The professional learning over the two days of face to face training will explore;

-What is mastery?
-How might mastery work in mixed age classes and how does this compare to a single age class?
-What are the concepts that should be included in order to help children achieve mastery of mathematics and how do you implement them into daily lessons?
-What should planning for mastery in mixed age classes look like?
-How can you plan to achieve mastery in mixed age classes in efficient and sustainable way?

There is a gap task that schools are expected to complete.

Following completion of the 2-day face to face training, schools will then be part of a teacher research group. The teacher research group will have a personalised gap task which will be used to embed the concepts from the 2-day training and ensure that the planning approaches explored impact on pupil learning.

Training is delivered free of charge.

This is now fully booked. Please do get in touch via the email address below if you would like to register for the next programme dates.

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