Developing Maths Through Stories

Maths is part of our everyday thinking. From planning the time it takes us to travel somewhere to estimating how much pasta we need to cook for the family. A great way to provoke thoughtful conversations about maths is by enjoying a book together and exploring concepts with familiar objects.

Here are some great maths books read aloud and activities to enjoy with your child:

Early Years & Key Stage 1

Ten Black Dots – read aloud 

Ten Black Dots – activity sheet

If… Big Maths Ideas

How Big is a Million – read aloud

How Many Jelly Beans – activity sheet


Key Stage 2

One Hundred Hungry Ants – read aloud

A Remainder of One – read aloud

Bean Thirteen – read aloud


Exploring Maths at Concepts at Home

Lego fractions – Adding fractions

Lego Fractions – Make a Model

Explore- How far is two metres

Explore- The Social Distancing Circle

Maths in a box