Home Learning Support

Support for maths learning and teaching during school closures 


In this area of the website, we’ll do our best to offer our help to keep maths learning going while children are at home. 

As well as the information on these pages for teachers — our usual audience — we will also offer support for parents. So if you are a parent or carer, you’re equally welcome here. 

Primary 20 Minute Maths: 

White Rose Maths Home Learning – a short video & activity for every day

NCETM Video Lessons – short video lessons to supplement teaching

I See Maths (Gareth Metcalf) – short video lessons (Y3&4, Y5&6), games for KS1

Secondary Self-Study: 

White Rose Maths Home Learning – years 7 & 8 daily lesson videos

Mathematics Mastery – Years 7, 8 & 9 self-study packs

Maths Kitchen – GCSE maths revision, video lessons & progress tracker

Corbett Maths – Quick practice & video demonstrations

Ask the Teacher! 

If you’re a parent or carer and have any questions about the maths your child is tackling, then ask our specialist teachers on Facebook:

Primary – your questions answered

Secondary – your questions answered


There are plenty of online resources available for teachers and parents. Browse this list to find platforms aligned to your school and games to keep your children practising their skills.  

Learning activities and games – primary 

Learning activities and games – secondary 

Something Different…

Wild Maths –  games, activities and stories, encouraging you to think creatively

Maths Mum – Instagram account for ideas away from a screen

Numberblocks at Home– Resources for parents and carers to accompany the Numberblocks Series