NCETM Video: Teaching for Mastery in Secondary Schools

Teachers from five secondary schools working on teaching for mastery feature in a new NCETM video summarising how Maths Hubs are currently supporting 500 secondary schools to introduce mastery approaches in their maths teaching.

The video explains how the work is spearheaded by a growing number of Secondary Mastery Specialists, trained as part of a national Maths Hubs project, and now supporting neighbouring schools along the same path.

In the video, the NCETM’s Director for Secondary Mathematics, Carol Knights, explains that the process changing practice within a secondary school cannot be rushed:

‘It’s important that, if we are thinking longer term, we’d rather the Mastery Specialists had the opportunity to think things through for themselves before trying to work with other schools.’

Teachers from five schools working with Sussex Maths Hub give examples of changes being made to how maths is taught in their schools, including:

  • changes to schemes of work
  • moving more slowly through teaching of topics
  • teachers co-designing lessons
  • more use of physical resources and other representations.

Find out more about how Maths Hubs are working with secondary schools in teaching for mastery.


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