For Secondary Schools

Early Careers Development in Maths Teaching

This Work Group is aimed at Secondary NQTs and RQTs – their mentors would also be involved in part of the programme.

Together with their mentor, NQTs/RQTs will attend an online twilight session introducing them to the programme. 

NQTs/RQTs will then attend 4 online twilight sessions, followed by a full day session at the end of the year.

These sessions will cover both content from identified areas of maths as well as a series of open classrooms of either a Secondary Mastery Specialist or an excellent teacher, with a facilitated discussion of the lesson drawing attention to the teacher standards as well as a discussion on the planning of the lesson. There will also be an opportunity to talk with the teacher about the planning and delivery of the lesson. Participants will then be asked to take the material back to their own school, teach the lesson (with their mentor observing if possible), and then discussing the lesson with their mentor to enable feedback to the group in the next session.

By taking part in the programne, participants will:

  • deepen their subject knowledge and pedagogy in 5 key areas of maths as well as from the lessons they observe.
  • develop their understanding of the 8 teacher standards outlined in the Early Career framework through observations and discussions; these include expectations and managing behaviour, pedagogy including how pupils learn, classroom practice and adaptive teaching
  • be encouraged to share their learning with their department
  • have a better experience in their lessons.

Dates & times

Session 1: Wednesday 3rd March 3:30pm-5:30pm Online

Session 2: Wednesday 24th March 3:30pm-5:30pm Online

Session 3: Wednesday 21st April 3:30pm-5:30pm Online

Session 4: Thursday 13th May 3:30pm-5:30pm Online

Session 5: Monday 22nd June, 9am-4pm Online

How can I get involved?

To book your place, please complete the booking form here