For Secondary Schools

Planning A Well Sequenced Secondary Maths Curriculum

This Work Group is aimed at Secondary School teachers who would like to develop their curriculum.

Participants will look at the overall plan of what is taught from Y7 to Y11, consider the sequencing and plan this sequencing collaboratively. They will then look at other aspects needed to furnish a curriculum and consider how this could be achieved by use of collaborative planning in their own department.

Work Group participants will attend 4 twilight sessions and 2 full day sessions. During these sessions participants will cover the following:

  • key aspects of cognitive load theory and the importance of sequencing, connections, interleaving and retrieval.
  • exploration of materials which have subjects already sequenced (eg. NCETM PD Materials) 
  • collaborative working to create their own sequencing; considering and articulating reasons for the approaches taken
  • consideration of the advantages and disadvantages of standard departmental approaches to teach concepts and how these impact on later learning when making connections

How can I get involved?

This programme is now fully booked. If you would like to get involved next year, please get in touch using the following form.

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