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Primary Mastery Specialists

We are now into the sixth year of the NCETM training and development programme for Primary Mastery Specialists, which is designed to develop the following knowledge and skills in participant teachers:

  • Understanding of the principles of mastery within the context of teaching mathematics
  • Deep subject knowledge of primary mathematics to support teaching for mastery
  • The development of effective teaching techniques to support pupils in developing mastery of mathematics
  • The ability to assess pupils for mastery
  • The ability to support other teachers, and lead Teacher Research Groups

Once fully trained, the specialist teachers lead the professional development of further groups of teachers in schools within their local area. Over time, this will spread the understanding of, and expertise in, teaching for mastery widely across the primary school system.

This is a significant commitment that will see the maths leader attend a one-year training programme (3 x 2 day residentials) led by the NCETM’s Debbie Morgan. The programme is appropriate for schools which are already committed to the principles of mastery.

During the first year, along with the residential events, the focus will be on embedding teaching for mastery within participants own schools and running pilot Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) internally and with local schools. In subsequent years, the trained Mastery Specialist will be responsible for working with approximately 6 Work Group schools, leading TRGs and supporting them on their development.

Applications for 20/21 have now closed.

If you are interested in taking part in the programme in future years please get in touch.


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