For Primary Schools

Primary Maths Subject Knowledge

This programme is aimed at Primary teachers who would like to develop their specialist knowledge for teaching mathematics. This may be particularly relevant for teachers who are new to teaching mathematics.

A key focus of the programme will be to improve the participants’ ability to “do” mathematics as well as ensuring they have the appropriate pedagogical knowledge to teach their pupils well. Subject knowledge will be linked to pedagogy. Teachers will develop enhanced mathematics subject knowledge with a particular emphasis on mathematical structures in key areas of mathematics

Classroom practice will develop through a series of gap tasks where teachers try out activities to promote depth of understanding, reasoning and fluency.

The programme will have an impact on year group planning and increased use of manipulatives and representations. Teachers’ understanding of lesson design will deepen to include better questioning and opportunities for mathematical talk.

Programme Outline

  • The programme will run over 4 full days and will focus on number sense, additive reasoning, multiplicative reasoning and fractions.
  • A series of gap tasks between sessions will develop classroom practice.
  • There is no cost to schools for participating in this programme, but there is a commitment to attending all the sessions, completing the gap tasks and completing the programme evaluations.

Dates & Venue

Sessions will take place in Beverley at the ‘Waffle 21’ venue (HU17 0LS) and will run from 9:30  – 4:00

Day 1: Friday 21st January

Day 2: Friday 18th February

Day 3: Friday 25th March

Day 4: Friday 29th April

There will also be an initial online session on Zoom, which will be held on Thursday 13th January, 2:00 – 4:00

Recruitment for the 21/22 programme has now closed. We hope to run the Work Group again in 2022/23. If you would be interested in taking part next year, please email




Participant feedback:

“Interactive and break out rooms were good with clear slide shows. You were not made to feel singled out. A good pace to the training and clear explanation of terminology and ideas to use within your setting”