For Primary Schools

Teaching for Mastery in a Mixed Age Setting

This programme will focus on the knowledge for teaching mathematics that is particularly required in schools teaching mixed-age classes.

We will explore different approaches to teaching maths in mixed age classes which participants will then have the opportunity to reflect on, adapt and use within their own settings. We will also explore how the 5 big ideas of Teaching for Mastery are applicable to mixed age teaching. Relevant research and resources will be shared throughout the workgroup.

Dates & Venue:

Thursday 3rd March (3.30-5.30pm) – Session 1 (Zoom)
Intro to WG: 5 big ideas: 4 different approaches : Intro to resources

Thursday 24th March (3.30-5.30pm) – Session 2 (Zoom)
Use of representations in mixed age classes : planning time

Thursday 26th May (3.30-5.30pm) – Session 3 (Zoom)
Fluency and number sense : planning time

Thursday 30th June (3.30-5.30pm) – Session 4 (Zoom)
Reasoning and problem solving : planning time

Friday 8th July Face to Face 1pm – 3.30pm – Session 5
review of WG: outcomes and ways forward

How can I get involved?

Recruitment for the 21/22 programme has now closed. We hope to run the Work Group again in 2022/23. If you would be interested in taking part next year, please email