For Secondary Schools

Teaching Higher GCSE for Depth

This Work Group is aimed at Secondary School teachers who would like to develop their practice when teaching Higher tier GCSE Maths content. It looks at pedagogical approaches to the higher level content which foster deep understanding of the concepts – the whys behind formulae, use of pictorial representations, making connections to prior learning and activities that can be used to stretch students whilst staying on the one concept.  

‘The past decade has seen significant rises in standards in mathematics for pupils of all ages, but more pupils than at present should be reaching the higher GCSE grades. It is vitally important to shift from a narrow emphasis on disparate skills towards a focus on pupils’ mathematical understanding.’- Understanding the Score, Ofsted publication, 2008

Participants will be contacted initially to identify the subject content they would like to cover, and the school will need to identify a group of higher students that the Work Group participants can work with, in order to develop their practice.

Outcomes for participants and their schools include:

  • Strong knowledge of identified subject content
  • Deep understanding of pedagogical approaches to deliver identified subject content
  • Be positive and confident about delivering the GCSE at higher level
  • Plan lessons for higher GCSE with depth of understanding in mind
  • Deliver lessons for higher GCSE with depth of understanding in mind
  • Higher GCSE Students experience more depth of understanding when a new area of maths is introduced; helping to develop their knowledge and understanding
  • Over time Higher GCSE Students’ attitude to learning improves

How can I get involved?

This programme is now fully booked. If you would like to get involved next year, please get in touch using the following form.

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