Meet the team

Nicola Fareham

Maths Hub Lead

Nicola was appointed to the role of Assistant Headteacher – Executive Head of Maths at Harrogate Grammar School in September 2019, having been Associate Director of Maths for Outwood Grange Academies Trust since 2016, after 6 years as Head of Maths at Outwood Grange Academy. In her role of Head of Department, GCSE results improved considerably, then as SLE and Associate Director of Maths she worked closely with Heads of Maths to develop their leadership, teaching and learning in their departments.

For the last 5 years she has had the privilege to play a part in the development of the Yorkshire and Humber Maths Hub as Assistant Maths Hub Lead for Secondary. This started with the ‘Increasing Participation at Post-16’ Work Group in 2014. Then in 2015 she took part in a research exchange, studying the teaching of maths in Shanghai. She has since gained her PD Lead qualification with the NCETM and has designed and delivered training programmes to continue to share her knowledge and passion of Teaching for Mastery. Her hands on approach means she is able to demonstrate teaching for mastery on a day to day basis.

As Maths Hub Lead, Nicola is responsible for planning and evaluating the Hub’s work, with the support of strategic partners, leading to the production of the annual Action Plan, annual report and Work Group plans.

Matt Davies

Assistant Maths Hub Lead

Matt is the Assistant Maths Hub Lead for the North Yorkshire Coast. Working with schools in the region, he develops and supports local leaders of maths education to work with the Maths Hub, for example as Work Group Leads or Mastery Specialists.

Matt is the Headteacher at Snainton Primary School and a Maths SLE for the Scarborough Teaching Alliance. Matt is also a Primary Mastery Specialist and a NCETM Accredited PD Lead.

Milica Saleh

Assistant Maths Hub Lead

Milica is the Assistant Maths Hub Lead for the East Riding. Working with schools in the region, Milica develops and supports local leaders of maths education to work with the Maths Hub, for example as Work Group Leads or Mastery Specialists.

Milica is the Deputy Headteacher at Welton Primary School in Brough. She is also a Maths SLE for Hull Collaborative Teaching School and a NCETM Accredited PD Lead.

Jo Sawyer

Mastery Readiness Lead

Jo is the Mastery Readiness Lead for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub.  Jo is also the Work Group Lead for Mixed Aged Planning and looks after the Primary ‘Embedding Mastery’ schools.

Jo works part time as a teacher at Bedale CE Primary School and part time as a maths consultant. Jo is a specialist maths teacher, has a Masters in Mathematical Education and is an accredited NCETM PD lead.

Emily Crankshaw

Primary Mastery Lead

Emily is the Primary Teaching for Mastery Lead for the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub. Within her role at the Hub, Emily coordinates and develops Teaching for Mastery across our region, whilst overseeing the work of the Primary Mastery Specialist Team. Emily originally trained as a Primary Mastery Specialist and took part in the China-England Exchange in 2018. She is also an accredited NCETM PD Lead.

Emily also works at St. Peter’s Primary School in Harrogate, where she has worked for a number of years as a Year 6 teacher and member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Chloe Murphy

Primary Mastery Lead

Before coming to us, Chloe was Maths Hub Lead for London South East and Assistant Headteacher at Redriff Primary School in Rotherhithe. As a former Maths Hub Lead, Chloe is experienced in working with local authorities, universities and teaching schools to align goals and partner together. She is accredited PD Lead with the NCETM, has led maths subject knowledge programmes and has completed the Mastery Specialist training with NCETM. In her former assistant headteacher role, Chloe led whole school changes across her MAT to enhance quality of teaching, increase participation and improve results. She is an experienced Year 6 teacher and Reception teacher.

Sophie Allin

Maths Hub Coordinator

As the Maths Hub Coordinator, Sophie is the first point of contact for teachers and schools engaging with the Maths Hub. She works alongside the team planning and evaluating the work of the Hub.

Sophie is also responsible for coordinating the Hub’s training and events and manages social media.

Isabel Chalmers

Maths Hub Administrator

As the Maths Hub Administrator, Isabel works with Sophie to support the Maths Hub team.

She is responsible for all administrative tasks required in the day to day running of the Hub.

David Robson

Senior Leadership Link

David is an Assistant Headteacher at Harrogate Grammar School. His responsibilities include developing teaching and learning in the school, working with lead practitioners, gaining student voice on teaching and learning and supporting the student leadership programme. David’s background is in Science, specialising in both Chemistry and Physics

David supports Nicola in carrying out her role and in forming effective partnerships and networks with other leaders in the Maths Hub area.

Mark Stockton-Pitt

Secondary Mastery Lead

Based at Harrogate Grammar School, Mark is the Hub’s Secondary Mastery Lead and coordinates the Secondary Teaching for Mastery Programme. Mark  provides support and development for the Secondary Mastery Specialists and works with local ‘Mastery Advocates’ running high-quality, sustained, collaborative professional development.

Mark has been a Secondary Mastery Specialist since 2015 and is a NCETM accredited PD Lead.

Steve Lyon

Level 3 Lead

Steve has taught mathematics for over 20 years in a variety of secondary schools. After a brief spell as an assistant head he became an advanced skills teacher working with teachers in primary and secondary schools in York.

Since June 2012 Steve has been a mathematics specialist at the National STEM Learning Centre and is also an accredited NCETM Advanced Mathematics PD Lead.

In his role as a Level 3 Lead for the Maths Hub, Steve leads the Maths Hub’s Level 3 Mathematics work by liaising and communicating with key partners in the Hub area.

Strategic Board

Strategic Board

The Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub is supported by a Strategic Board whose key role is to provide strategic advice, challenge and support to the Maths Hub leadership team.

The board members are:

  • Tom Roper – Chair of Strategic Board
  • Jim Kelly – Director of Maths for Hope Learning Trust
  • Alexis Green-Harding – Pathfinder TSA – Head of Teaching School
  • Matt Holmes – South Hunsley School/Wolds TSA
  • Sam Marino – Crakehall Primary School/Swaledale TSA
  • Helen Granger – The University of York (Maths PGCE Leader)
  • Michele Hattersley – NYCC
  • Steve Lyon – Maths Hub Leadership Team/STEM Learning
  • Paul Treversh – NCETM
  • David Robson – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Sophie Allin – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Isabel Chalmers – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Nicola Fareham – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Chloe Murphy – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Emily Crankshaw – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Mark Stockton-Pitt – Maths Hub Leadership Team
  • Matt Davies – Maths Hub Leadership Team/NY Coast OA
  • Milica Saleh – Maths Hub Leadership Team/East Ridings Area