Catalogue of opportunities for 2024/2025

Catalogue of opportunities for 2024/2025

Our 2024/2025 catalogue of professional and school development opportunities is now available to download....Continue reading


Summer Conference 2024 - more guest speakers announced

Summer Conference - STEM Learning Centre, York...Continue reading


Secondary Teaching for Mastery Open Classroom

Have you heard about teaching for
mastery and would like to find out
Come along to an open classroom
session hosted by one of our
Secondary Mastery Specialists and
observe teaching for mastery in
practice!...Continue reading

LLME Team Video Final

What does the Maths Hub mean to you?

Last month at our tri annual LLME (local leaders in mathematics education) meet up, we asked our Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub community; What does the Maths Hub mean to you? Take a look at what they said....Continue reading


Discussing maths can make thinking visible, allowing teachers to have a better insight into children’s thinking

Why mathematical discussion is important, how it can be incorporated into lessons and why it is essential for adults to model effective discussion strategies...Continue reading


Why is Core Maths different?

What makes Core Maths different and what does a Core Maths lesson look like?...Continue reading


Core Maths Premium Funding

The Core Maths Premium is direct funding for schools and colleges for students taking Core Maths at post 16. The announcement highlights that there will be additional funding of £900 for each Level 3 Core Maths student. This will be available for one year per student....Continue reading


Core Maths - why is learning mathematics to the age of 18 still on the agenda

Maths education is so important that 16-year-olds shouldn’t be pondering ‘Should I take maths post-16?’ Instead they should be asking ‘Which maths should I take?’...Continue reading


Year 5 to 8 algebra

Computing is a relatively new subject in schools. But computing in mathematics education has a long history....Continue reading


Collaboration between Mathematics and Computing departments

Computing is a relatively new subject in schools. But computing in mathematics education has a long history....Continue reading


Times Tables with Clare Christie

We were delighted to welcome Maths SLE Clare Christie to the Maths Hub for two online events. In the first she explained how her school plans both the teaching of fluency in multiplicative concepts...Continue reading

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Q&A: The New EYFS Framework

Following on from our webinar exploring the recent EYFS changes, Fliss James (EYFS teacher from Sheringham Nursery School and Evidence Lead at East London Research School) along with our very own specialists explained the answers to some of the frequently asked questions....Continue reading