Further Education Mastery Specialists

Become a Mastery Specialist in Further Education

Who can take part?

The programme is for practitioners of post-16 GCSE Maths resit and/or Functional Skills Maths who are currently employed in a post-16 setting and regularly teaching maths to students aged 16-19. 

Participants must have at least two years’ experience teaching post-16 GCSE/FSQ maths, with the capacity to lead change within their own institutions. They may be based in FE colleges, Sixth Form colleges, or other post-16 settings.

Establishments nominating teachers for this role would be committed to the development of teaching for mastery in the lead teacher’s classroom and, in the second year, enabling collaborative development across the maths department/faculty.

What is involved?

The programme has an initial training year, followed by a second year and beyond in which specialists support others. It equips participants with the knowledge and skills to develop highly effective approaches to the teaching of GCSE Maths resit and Functional Skills Maths, using the principles of teaching for mastery.

More information about Further Education Mastery Specialists can be found in the news item Mastery Specialists in GCSE Resit and Functional Skills.

What will you learn?

  • Your students will develop a secure and connected understanding of the maths they are learning
  • Your students will report increased confidence in using maths
  • You will develop classroom practices aligned to the principles of teaching for mastery, as exemplified for the post-16 GCSE/FSQ sector
  • You will, over time, become part of the Maths Hubs LLME Community

During the first year, the emphasis will be on the lead teacher developing their knowledge, understanding and skills of teaching for mastery in their own establishment.

Upon completion of the first year of the programme, participants will join a collaborative cohort of Mastery Specialists according to their provision type. Participants will continue to develop teaching for mastery approaches in their own institutions, working with their colleagues whilst being supported by peers in the collaborative cohort.

What is the cost?

The Post 16 Mastery Specialist Programme is fully funded by the Maths Hubs Programme so is free to participating FE establishments.

Schools will receive funding to cover the participant's time out of school.

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in applying to become a Post-16 Mastery Specialist, please contact us to discuss the programme.