NCETM Mastery Professional Development Materials


Subject knowledge is key to successful teaching for mastery, as well an understanding of the learning steps required and the order of those steps. These materials will assist you in your professional development and enable you to deliver teaching for mastery with confidence.


The curriculum has been split up into a small number of areas (or spines)

Spine 1: Number, Addition and Subtraction

Spine 2: Multiplication and Division

Spine 3: Fractions

Each spine is composed of a number of segments, and a recommended teaching sequence for segments across the three spines has been produced.

An explanation of the structure of these materials, with guidance on how teachers can use them, is contained in a Getting Started video which you might find helpful.

Unlike a textbook scheme they are not designed to be directly lifted and used as teaching materials. The materials can support teachers to develop their subject and pedagogical knowledge and so help to improve mathematics teaching in combination with other high-quality resources, such as textbooks.

Number, Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and Division


More Primary Resources!

Find out how groups of primary schools have been introducing a twin-track approach to times-tables learning, in this NCETM article. 


Teaching for mastery is teaching that aims for deep and sustainable learning; learning that is rooted in an appreciation of the connectedness of mathematical ideas and based on an understanding of the underlying structures. It emphasises the need to go beyond being able to memorise facts and practise procedures and routines.


This requires teachers to ‘look through’ the national curriculum statements of content and descriptions of what students need to be able to do. We must discern what students need to be aware of and understand in order to do these things fluently. These materials therefore offer a more ‘fine-grained’ description of the key themes and big ideas of the curriculum.

The Structure of the Number System

Operating on Number

Multiplicative Reasoning

Sequences & Graphs

Statistics & Probability


The NCETM have produced a range of materials and resources to support both primary and secondary teachers using the DfE Mathematics guidance, including the year-specific videos that are part of the guidance:

Exemplification of ready-to-progress criteria

Curriculum prioritisation in primary maths

Curriculum prioritisation part 2 


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